The Open Platform is a team of enthusiastic professionals united by the idea of creating blockchain products that can be used daily by hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

Together with exceptional projects, who share our goal of crypto and blockchain mass adoption, day by day we get closer to making our dream come true.

It is high time to join us and become a part of our incredible TOP family!

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Our structure

TON blockchain ecosystem

Through our venture initiatives, we are creating a collaborative community of multi-million dollar companies that works with us in The Open Network (TON) ****Blockchain ecosystem, as we believe particularly in TON to be the first crypto technology adopted by mass audiences.

The Open Platform is the centripetal force that keeps this diverse group of teams together whilst also helping forge the community’s longer-term vision.

✦ Organizational structure

Our organizational structure is flat, simple and has been purposefully kept cosy and lean to allow for accessible team leaders. We empower our employees to take charge, help each other and share in our collective success.

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Our approach

We are the team who believes in synergy of TON Blockchain and Telegram Messenger to serve as an unparalleled catalyst for the next phase of the Web3 Ecosystem's growth.

We set up an environment, and we have a wide range of opportunities to help projects in development, marketing, design and partnerships, but we never claim the ship's steering wheel.

A founder is the one in charge of decisions and is responsible for project’s results.

Helping startups in:

✷ Product development

✷ Design

✷ Recruiting

✷ Marketing

✷ Partnership